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What Is Neuropathy?
How Can I fix it?

Neuropathy refers to any condition that affects the normal activity of the nerves of the peripheral nervous system. There are many causes and therapry starts with a one-on-one consutation to isolate the most likely causes of your symptoms. 

What happens if neuropathy is left untreated?

Most commonly, you will lose all feeling in the affected area, which will cause disability in the use of that extremity. In serious cases, a foot ulcer may develop which could lead to amputation.

Can Neuropathy be cured?

Yes! With proper natural treatment of the nerves and movement of the bones, all symptoms can go away while you regain full usage of the troubled areas.

Why do my hands and feet tingle?

The pressure from your hard bones placed on the soft tissue in your nerves is cutting off their function, weakening the sensation of feeling in them.

Why are my hands and feet always cold?

Your blood circulation is interrupted by hard bone pressing on the soft tissue, causing your feet and hands to be cold.

Do I have to be diagnosed with neuropathy to be treated?

You do not need a diagnosis or doctor referral to be treated in our office. We have been helping hundreds of patients who have been dealing with these problems for years.

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Sorbera 4 Health has been helping people get healthy for over 21 years now and is designed to help people live a healthy life with a full range of motion. We do this by combining chiropractic care, weight loss, knee recovery, and neuropathy therapies all under one roof.

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