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Sorbera 4 Health has been helping people get healthy for over 20 years now and is designed to help people live a healthy life with a full range of motion. We do this by combining chiropractic care, weight loss, and neuropathy treatments all under one roof.

We advertise weight loss results of up to 2-5 pounds each week and provide effective results. Patients eat regular food, receive weekly one on one support from the medical team and receive the tools needed for optimal success. For same day results combine with our Laser Lipo program and watch the tape measure contract after your first treatment – guaranteed or it is free!

Our neuropathy care combines cutting-edge laser therapy with traditional muscular manipulation and medical ointments. Most clients report symptoms as completely eliminated within a few treatments.

Chiropractic care is a pillar of motion maintenance that can accelerate recovery from accidents as well as maintains range of motion through the aging process.

I am Tricia from Altoona and I lost 100 POUNDS with Dr. Sorbera!

We are here 4 you!

You deserve to be your best. To be truly healthy and look stunning at weddings, class reunions, company functions, vacations, by the pool, and your children’s graduation. You do not have to wonder if your life is going to be cut short because of your health. Now is the best time of your life to make a change and start living.