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Sorbera 4 Health has been helping people get healthy for over 20 years now and is designed to help people live a healthy life with a full range of motion. We do this by combining chiropractic care, weight loss, and neuropathy treatments all under one roof.

We advertise weight loss results of up to 2-5 pounds each week and provide effective results. Patients eat regular food, receive weekly one on one support from the medical team and receive the tools needed for optimal success. For same day results combine with our Laser Lipo program and watch the tape measure contract after your first treatment – guaranteed or it is free!

Our neuropathy care combines cutting-edge laser therapy with traditional muscular manipulation and medical ointments. Most clients report symptoms as completely eliminated within a few treatments.

Chiropractic care is a pillar of motion maintenance that can accelerate recovery from accidents as well as maintains range of motion through the aging process.

Meet Your Team

Dr. Steven Sorbera, D.C.:
For over 20 years I have built my practice around full body care. Our four main services are targeted to help our community take back their health and live life at its fullest. Weight Loss/contouring, Neuropathy treatment, and Chiropractic Care are each essential components of a long lasting life with full range of motion. I am so grateful to the office staff and our great patients who have made us the most reviewed care center in our region.

Meet Whitney, our senior CA at 24 years old who has been personally trained by Dr. Sorbera to help the people who reach out to us. I’m from a small town and a big family. I am an outdoors girl who loves dogs, baseball, traveling, photography, fishing, hiking, tea parties, and kayaking. I put God first, then everything else falls into place. After years of self-practice in holistic health, I now have the opportunity to share my experiences and advice to my patients. I have been trained by Dr. Sorbera to assist patients in every way possible; and my goal is to spread health and wellness to everyone that crosses my path. If you are a current patient and have questions on how you can live a natural lifestyle like me, don’t hesitate to ask—I’m happy to share! If you are not a patient, get in touch with me at the office to learn about the natural health we promote!

Graduated Mount Aloysius college in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in medical imaging. 6 years experience in urgent care and family practice but my passion is in natural healthcare! I enjoy gardening, being outdoors, experimenting with vegan recipes. I have two children Ivy 15 yr and Adryonna 8 yrs old. My ultimate dream is to become as self sufficient as possible.

Kerri Sorbera is the office manager and stars in many of our web videos. She is always available to interact with our patients and their families. She also cares for her beautiful family and volunteers across the community.

I am Tricia from Altoona and I lost 100 POUNDS with Dr. Sorbera!

We are here 4 you!

You deserve to be your best. To be truly healthy and look stunning at weddings, class reunions, company functions, vacations, by the pool, and your children’s graduation. You do not have to wonder if your life is going to be cut short because of your health. Now is the best time of your life to make a change and start living.