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Dr. Sorbera and Kerri alwasy take care of the family. I have my teenagers get chiropractic care for high school soccer and I see Dr. Sorbera for neuropathy. This is a very family focused practice and it is nice to have someone we can call when questions come up.

Meet Our Practitioners 

You can now make an appointment with Dr. Steven Sorbera or Katie Morris! Adding a new practitioner has helped us expand our hours and appointment slots. 

Dr. Steven Sorbera, DC

For over 20 years I have built my practice around full body care. Our four main services are targeted to help our community take back their health and live life at its fullest. Weight Loss/contouring, Neuropathy treatment, and Chiropractic Care are each essential components of a long lasting life with full range of motion. I am so grateful to the office staff and our great patients who have made us the most reviewed care center in our region.

Dr. Katie Morris, DC

Welcome our new chiropractor in the office, Katie Morris. Katie has spent the last 3.5 years at Life
University Chiropractic college in Atlanta GA, the largest chiropractic college in the world! Katie is a
happy wife and mom of one sweet toddler. She invested her time learning more about treating athletes,
children, pregnancy, and families during her time in Atlanta. Although she loves seeing all patients she
has a special passion to adjust kids + their moms!