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Featured Best Sellers

Dr. Sorbera’s Perfect Protein
This protein powder is all natural, plant based, provides 20% dietary fiber, and provides probiotics for better digestion. Our protein powder is great for anyone who needs more protein in their diet, to help control their weight, and build lean muscle.

Ionized Water Wand
Our Ionized Water Wand helps ionize purified water. Ionized water has smaller molecules that allow your body to absorb the water for better body function.

Oral Supplements

Advance Proprietary Blend
This blend helps break leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is a hormonal imbalance in the fat cells that makes it difficult to lose weight. Leptin tells your body to use the stored fat as energy.

Our VIR blend helps fight off viruses. One of the main ingredients in this blend is Lomatium Root is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbal medicine. Whenever a patient is starting to get a cold, the flu, etc. this is what we recommend. It helps reduce the length of time you have the virus as well as it can help prevent you from catching the virus.

Wild Harvest
Whole foods that contain concentrated nutrients that our bodies need. They contain Vitamins, Macro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and powerful Antioxidant Properties. Health benefits you could experience using this product are pH balance, anti-aging properties, anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, excretion of heavy metals, increased energy, improved memory, improved bowel movements, and it helps reduce cancer risks.

Mega Cleanse
Aids in eliminating toxins from the body, purifying blood, and cleansing lymphatics. You may experience more energy, faster weight loss, glowing skin, and anti-aging benefits.

Macro Minerals
Dr. Sorbera’s Macro Mineral Complex is an herbal combination containing all the Macro Minerals in nature’s perfect balance. It contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Chloride, and Phosphorus. These are minerals that are best absorbed through consumption.

This herbal blend aids in reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation helps give the body things you may not get in your diet to act as an anti-inflammatory. Hence the name. One of the herbs it contains, ginger, aids with joint problems and reducing inflammation.


Women’s Pro Balancing Cream
The Pro Balancing Cream helps balance out estrogen and progesterone hormones. Estrogen and progesterone balance help boost the metabolism and aids in weight loss. Other benefits of the Pro Balancing cream are that it helps with hot flashes, mood, and night sweats.

Men’s Rejuvenation Cream
Our Men’s Rejuvenating cream helps balance testosterone levels. This will help build muscle mass and increase fat loss, while boosting the metabolism.

Neuromend Cream
Our Neuromend Cream can be used to fight neuropathy symptoms. The cream aids in tissue stimulation to provide better circulation, reducing inflammation, which helps reduce pain.

SorberaEase Cream
This cream helps with pain reduction without using harmful chemicals found in pain medications.

Vitamin D3 Cream
The Vitamin D3 cream helps form healthy bones, reduce risk of diabetes, reduce flu risks, and aids in cancer prevention.

Vitamin B12 Cream
Our Vitamin B12 cream can help give you an energy boost, help with red blood cell production to help prevent anima, and help with skin/hair/nail health.