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A Proven Weight Loss System.

The best day to start your journey toward better health is today.  You’re the only one with the power to take the first step…but we’re here to provide you with unique, customized tools and guidance to help you attain the life you envision.

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No Exercise

No Hunger

No Drugs


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This program is completely different than any diet you’ve tried before.  Weight loss isn’t as simple as calories in and calories out — there is underlying physiology involved.  Dr. Sorbera, D.C. will treat the root cause making it difficult for you to lose weight and the results will show on the outside.

So get off a starvation diet and finally lose the unwanted weight – for good!  With the help of Dr. Sorbera, D.C. you will finally discover weight loss that lasts.




The quickest and easiest way to begin your transformation is to get pre-qualified online.  Plus, by doing so, you’ll save 15% off your program! (new patients only)


Free Consultation & Start Your Program

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Sorbera, D.C. will gather information to customize your weight loss program. We take into account age, starting weight, lessons from past weight loss attempts, existing medical conditions, stress factors and more to create a program that will work specifically for you. The traditional “diet + exercise” formula fails because that is only part of the equation. Dr. Sorbera D.C.’s revolutionary program is comprehensive and effective for you personally. 


Attain & Maintain

Dr. Sorbera, D.C. will provide you with the tools necessary for achieving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.  Every success is a series of small, well-executed steps that add up.  We’re here to support your journey, help you accomplish your goals and show you how to make those results last.


Live your life in the body you want.

There is no better feeling than finally feeling like yourself.  When the person you feel like inside matches how you look on the outside…there’s no better freedom than that.

“My exclusive weight loss management system is SAFE and has worked for thousands of people in your area. It is based on scientific principles that cause almost immediate changes and is strictly administered along common sense protocols.”*

Dr. Steve Sorbera, D.C.

Success Stories

“Absolutely the best. The program is well developed and works, and I feel better than ever before. This is the real deal.”

Brittny Saville

“I lost a great amount of weight with Dr. Sorbera, D.C. I really like this place. I never felt so good and active in my life. I appreciate all that was done. I felt so comfortable and safe here.”

Tremaine Bailey

“I’m very happy to be on your weight loss program. It’s a week today and I’ve lost 9.4lbs. I am so happy, I am eating healthier and feeling so much better.”

Alicea Whisman

Ready to feel good about yourself again?